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Since first introducing our services, Jason's Kitchen has been able to cater for a variety of individuals.
We believe that their words speak far louder than any of ours.

Fabulous Caterer - Jason Ungar
I had forty guests at my house last night celebrating my 60th birthday. Jason Ungar of Jason's Kitchen did the catering. We asked him to prepare a number of finger foods that would feed a hungry crowd for several hours.
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Is it bad that I licked my knife?
So, here’s the truth…We are ladies who LOVE to eat, but we are not necessarily ladies who love to cook. So when a restaurant quality meal is offered to us in the comfort of a cozy Manhattan apartment, we don’t need to be invited twice. We collectively jumped at the opportunity to experience culinary paradise in the home of Personal Chef Jason Ungar of Jason’s Kitchen.
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• Dear Jason,

Words cannot express the culinary delight I had at my last dinner party with you.  First, the pork chop; I am southern and thought I knew what a pork chop was.  But I had never experienced a Jason pork chop. It was absolutely divine.  I may have to turn in my southern card.  And then the white truffle & shitake grits  that you chose as a side; I was worried at first when you told me you were putting your Yankee touch on the grits.  I thought….”hey I’m southern and I know my grits!”  But my goodness, what a wonderful combination of flavors.   And if that wasn’t enough, the steak you made……... well, you ought to be ashamed for what you made me feel.  It just ain’t right!!  If men only knew it only takes a steak….uh, uh, uh. 

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening of fantastic food.  Alain Ducasse look out!!

Miss Rosalyn McClore
The Village Underground

• Dear Jason,

I just want to tell you how amazing I found your food and your whole operation last night at Jonathan's 60th birthday party. I happen to love watching people at work doing something they're really talented at, and everytime I glanced into the kitchen, I saw you doing your thing with such panache and professionalism. I didn't need to worry about a single thing - you even were able to start serving hot foods to the few guests who arrived a little bit early, and you kept the food flowing throughout the night. I think truly great cooking is when a new array of ingredients intermarry to form a new whole which offers a whole new and unprecedented flavor-sensation. You accomplished this.

Thank you again, and I applaud you!

Frances Jalet-Miller

• Dear Jason,

I was telling some friends about our dinner last month and realized that I may not have included you in my thank you note to Rob and Matt. Everyone had a spectacular time, the food was amazing (especially liked those shrimp tacos!), and it was a great treat to eat such a meal in our own home. Thank you again for your efforts in making my birthday a success.

Best regards,

Salvatore Sorce

• Dear Jason,

I wanted to thank you for an unforgettable experience this past Saturday night. Every single dish was a surprising and delicious combination, and even though I had visited various top restaurants before, the dinner you prepared was a unique and exceptional experience that surpasses most. I felt that even the smallest detail was attended to, which made Yaar's 29th Birthday celebration a memorable and lingering experience.

Best Regards, Shimrit Ben-Yair

• Jason-

We had an incredible evening last night and everyone was unequivocally impressed with the feast you prepared. You should have heard the feedback I received all day yesterday. I will be recommending you to others for sure ... so stay tuned. And in the meantime, thank you for all of your hard work, your amazing food, your wonderful demeanor.

Best, Linor Junowicz

• Jason,

Thanks so much for everything again. It was definitely a pleasure having you, and everything turned out GREAT!!! Hopefully we'll be able to have you join us again sometime in the near future.

Kind Regards
Walter T. Geer III
Rich Media Project Manager

• Jason-

Thank you for such a fabulous evening - I had a blast. Jason, the dinner was fantastic - I have NO idea how you can make such a meal and I'm messing up pasta....

Jaime Cohen
The New Yorker

• Jay-

A huge THANK YOU!!!!!! That was so fun and relaxing. That was the first real meal I have eaten since I was sick..what a treat! Everyone should be so lucky to eat so well all the time - AmAAAzing. Thank you soooooooooo much!

Kym Hannaford
Stuff Magazine

Hi Jason-  

I just wanted to drop you a quick email letting you know how wonderful it was to finally meet you and how exquisite your dinner was!  It was truly a unique and awesome experience and the word is getting out!  You are very talented and we hope we can do this again sometime with friends/family.

Take care- Aly

Alyson L. Cacciatore Relationship Manager
Capstone Wealth Management, LLC

I am what you would consider a true \"foodie\" who has eaten at all the best restaurants. Last week, I was fortunate enough to be a guest at a dinner catered by Jason\'s Kitchen. The meal was outstanding. Every course, from the corn and edamame succotash to the pork chop and parsnip puree with chorizo reduction, tickled my taste buds and delighted my palate. I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. Having tasted his food, I would not hesitate to hire Jason to cater any affair, from an intimate gathering at home to a large-scale event. He knows his way around the kitchen, and his passion comes through in every dish. Simply put, this guy can COOK.

Jeffrey Cohen, Esq.

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