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Interchangeable Sides


"Cocktail parties give us the chance to make many people happy with many bites of delicious food.  These are just a few things that have been popular lately as we head into Fall & Winter"

Cocktail Parties

Roast tomato & burrata bruschetta, extra virgin olive oil, opal basil, garlic
5 spice & hoisin glazed pork belly "banh mi" skewers, traditional condiments
Mini short rib grilled cheese, gruyere, carmelized onions
Pimento cheese, smoked "hot link" sausage, red pepper jam, pickled jalapeno, black  pepper cracker
Black truffle deviled eggs, dijon, chive
Fried aged gouda, juniper-thyme honey
 Baby lamb chops, lemon-feta cream, kalamata olive salt
 Chicken liver crostini, porcini & carmelized onion marmalade, reduced balsamic
 Bacon-wrapped dates, almond stuffed
 Traditional sliders, american cheese, carmelized onions, pickle, special sauce
Shrimp tacos, green chili crema, poblano-onion relish, pickled mango
 Crispy chorizo skewers, chimmichurri aioli
 Spicy tuna tartare, ginger-avocado butter, mango, pickled onion
 Corn & mushroom arancini w/ black truffle cream
"Cassoulet" bruschetta, w/ braised fennel, cannellini beans, hen of the woods mushrooms,  garlic, extra virgin olive oil.

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