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Chef's Bio

For me, food has always been exciting. This simple fact has been the driving force behind my passion in creating tantalizing culinary delights. I've been lucky to travel to many places in the world, and gain new perspective on what food can be, as an experience. As a personal chef, I've had the chance to share my sense of excitement with someone within the comfortable confines of their own home. My goal is to make it an experience above and beyond what they can find in a typical restaurant.

I consider myself an accomplished eater. I am constantly trying new ingredients and cuisines from haute cuisine to hot dogs-and always thinking of ways to integrate these finds into my cooking. Enjoying food is not just about having your favorite dishes well prepared, its about trying something for the first time and wondering how you lived that long without it. My greatest joy as a chef is letting others in on the little secrets of the culinary world that I offer through my dishes.

Outside of the kitchen, I am an avid music fan, an inconsistent golfer, and of course, loyal viewer of the Food Network.

I look forward to sharing my love of cooking with you in the form of a unique unforgettable dining experience.


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